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Forex is essentially a liquid market of currency pairs that react to global news, events and economic policies. As the currencies of the world vie against each other, traders, corporate businesses, hedge funds as well as investment houses look to trade on the volatility of the currency fluctuations. Traders are not alone in the fast-paced Forex environment. At Premiumexchangepro we provide news and analysis, plus expert dedicated account managers so that traders can make informed decisions in a timely manner. Low spreads, leverage and no commissions add to the attraction of trading Forex at Premiumexchangepro.

Four Easy Steps to Start Earning

Create an Account

Creating an account is a free and painless process. Complete the registration form and get one step closer to earning.

Get Verified

Once we have verified your details and you have passed our screening process, your account will be activated and provisioned for trading.

Create New Deposit

Continue to make deposits on a range of plans available on your account - as provided by the platform.

Start Earning

Start earning with a return on investment by the percentage of the plans you made investments on. You also earn referral bonuses and commissions.

Why Choose Premiumexchangepro?

Benefits of Joining and Investing with Us

Experienced Support

With trained and experienced support staffs, all your queries are just one click away from getting answered. Our support team provides 24/7 support and assistance to customers.

100% Secure Platform

Using state-of-the art servers, we have guarded our servers with high-end SSL technology and the latest DDoS Guard to protect against attacks.

Seamless Experience

Earning has never been this easy. Whether you are making payments or making payouts or you are simply checking up on your investments, navigating the platform is seamless and easy.

Multiple Payment Methods

With an array of payment methods provided by the platform, you get multiple options to make payments and receive payouts.

Select an investment package and join thousands of investors already on the platform to start earning.

Investment Plans



Interest: 1%
Min: BTC 0.014200
Max: BTC 1.38


Interest: 1%
Min: BTC 0.280000
Max: BTC 2.77


Interest: 2%
Min: BTC 0.830000
Max: BTC 3.73


Interest: 3%
Min: BTC 1.380000
Max: BTC 4.15


Interest: 4%
Min: BTC 2.770000
Max: BTC 13.83

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Live statistics on the platform including withdrawals and deposits.

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